Saturday, January 5, 2008

camo boy

Anyone up for huntin' ? Thanks to G-ma Sharron, a fat package of Gap Kids stuff came in the mail for Alexi.

Given his choice, he went right for the camo vest. "Hmm, we got us a natural born sportsman?" I said to wiffy, who was a bit nonplussed at the thought. Christy is a bit gun-shy from seeing child victims of the self- and relative-inflicted gun shots in the Emergency Department.

Still, Alexi's budding passion for camo, shows he is innately inclined to the outdoor life. I cannot hardly wait to take him mountain biking. Trailing him on say, Slick Rock trail in Moab??

I know Alexi would be game ("faster daddy, faster"), but will his chariot and his pulling beast be up the callenge?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

bubble boy

How does he do it? Since he first showed me a few days a go, I have been trying all week to do this trick.

I've had a sinus cold, but no bubbles. I hold my breath and then blow really hard, but.... No bubbles.

I have been thinking about sqirting dish wash detergent up my nose, but not sure that would be a good idea.

He just has this inate capacity. It is amazing. I am in awe.

Even, Louie is impressed.