Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alemayehu's Spring Program

J-man takes to the dirt

The joys of brotherdom

Spring Soccer 2012

Pictured here is a rare siting of the J-man actually on the field. Probably wondering what the heck this craziness is...much more fun to do somersaults and make grass pies!

Meanwhile, Alemayehu did an awful lot of this: 

The mini-kickers team

J'Man's first Camping Trip

Jeremie's first camping trip, down south near Grand Gulch. 

Alexi finds an old kiva

Alexi shows off his superhuman strength!!

 Da boyz

Some very well preserved ruins

Ahh.. the joys of dirt!

Valley of the Gods

J'man's first marshmallow roast..yum yum!