Monday, July 15, 2013

Stanley Lake with Sister n' Gang

Drive to ID, sunset over Stanley, ID

Awoke to a breath-taking site

Boyz stop for a rest 

Back at Camp-discovering the Mega-Marsh

Next day, the party arrives, and the action begins!

"All Aboard"

Jer ditches Cap'n Chad

Biker Gang over-takes campsite

The Beloved Wa Wa--Jer had only heard stories about this fabled slice of boyhood paradise...

Alemayehu takes a turn with Uncle Ed

Boyz came down with a bad case of "Mater Mouth"

Sister taking a cruise

Beach Bums

Siesta Time 

Alemayehu finds his true love again..Sophie the weenier dog

Santana out catching dinner

Jer and Sister cook it up

Ed stokes the fire

Fish On!

Cook crew pauses for a poser shot

Drum Roll...

TaDa: The Perfect Fish Fry


Best finished off with a chocolate stuffed mega-marsh and gram sandwich

Which is enough to even put under the big guy

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

What Redneck 4th is complete without a stop at the ID fireworks store? That's right, thousands upon thousands of things to blow up....

Alexi Strikes it Rich

standing in line to sign the "waiver"

don't tell anyone we brought these back, OK?

Paperwork aside, boyz gear up for festivities

Not pictured here were the rockets that flew over the crowd effectively clearing the deck and almost burning down the house... won't be getting those again. 

unfortunately hulk did not fare well this year, luckily that was the only casualty 

Agent Orange