Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Land Art Project

A natural amphitheater makes a stunning backdrop for Alexi to perform his first Environmental Land Art project.
We were down here for a river trip on the San Juan. Unseasonably cold (40-45 degrees with strong winds) required donning of the SuperSuit. The attire starfishes Alexi into a rather awkward posture and gate.

Stumbling around the dry wash, Alexi found the perfect rock on which to perform.

Ask him what is project is called? and his reply....."I call it Cookie and Crumbs.

"It is a homage to my lifelong mentor, the brilliant Rich Long. His ephemeral pieces are created vis-a-vis the patterned and structural arrangement of natural objects in dramatic panoramic settings"
"First you need a little sand...."

"...and careful placement on rock."

"You see, it is the precise juxtapositions of sand and rock that invokes the ethos of the Cookie: Present today, but consumed in my belly tomorrow"

"Here, watch my instructional video on how it is done..."

After such a difficult days worth of work, it was time to leave the project for the life extending sustenance of the BaBa. For it had been an eternity of 5 minutes since his last need for Milk!