Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Skiing Freak Fest

Last Days at Alta

Yep, looks like Alemayehu wore out the Daddy, again...

Miniman on the High Traverse

View from above  

Jer shredding the pow pow in full on power wedgie 

Top of High Boy

Let the freak show begin! Marly as Lady GaGa

Superhero Duo

T and Oscar 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As promised...NO more hiking! 

Durango to Silverton Rail

All Aboard!

Crazy Curves

Pristine Lake on the way

Alemayehu sports the railroader's choice in eye protection from toxic ashes

The Way Back

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mesa Verde NP

A quick trip to MVNP. Beautiful spring day and light on the crowds. Boyz worked hard on their Jr. Ranger Badges.

Well preserved Kiva

One of the few ruins open for a close encounter.

Jeremie was pretty much done with the whole hiking thing by this point. Why is it taking so long? A promise was made for no more hikes for the rest of the trip! Good thing we were on to swimming pools and trains!

Petroglyph Point. Migration from Grand Canyon and branches of the major tribes that settled along the way.

Handsome Duo

Skippity Du Da

A few parting shots before we headed back with some tired boys. All the hiking in the last few days had officially worn them out. Alemayehu fell asleep while driving back to the hotel, slept through a load of laundry and finally we had to wake him up for dinner!