Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tiny Huckers Secure New Domicile in PC!

On the way back from ID, we finally were able to find a house to live in... prior to this we were homeless, no good prospects on the horizon. Apparently, it just takes a road trip for the right place to finally pop up. Momma and Alemayehu, having lost their minds a long time ago, left Jeremie to maintain the family sanity. 

Park City, here we come!

Friday, August 8, 2014

To H*** and Back

Hell's Canyon 2014

Off to He**...or at least temperature wise it felt like it! 

Bathing beauty doing a poser shot shortly before he was attacked by wasps. A fate suffered by just about everyone before we launched. 

Theo keeping it cool 

Sir Solomon takes the helm


Off and rowing

The Solo-pillow

Kid Fest

Solomon looking like a true native

Greg doing a poser shot on puke rock. Looking a lot less green than he did 20 years ago on the same rock...the infamous trip where trouting and sweat lodge scorching were born. 

Greg takes the it through the gut

C.Moore Follows 

Daddy backs through with barely a paddle

B.Moore, the man, the legend

Wild Billy 

Last, but not least, Gerald and Kelly cool off in the waves

On to water fights!

The slow boat to nowhere in particular, just as it should be...