Monday, February 27, 2012

Story time

We gowned up for "Dinosaurs don't wear underpants"


Friday, February 24, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rug Ratts

Lookie momma ....we got us some critters a crawlin da floor!

We are thankful for every day that goes by and lets things get routine.  Man does the Jer love to wear a helmet.  Quite addicted to the things.  But hey, thats a good addiction to have, right?

JerJer does not appear to have any significant signs of attachment disorder.  Moody, sure, but hey, so is Alexi (And me too for that mater).  Like normal people, he can get in a funk.  It typically it does not last beyond 15 min.  

When he gets one of these funks and tries to go hide somewhere, we dont let him.  It would be easier to let him go be anti-social, but that is not in his best interest.  One of us may have to hang off with him somewhere, typically hugging him and rocking him while he chants "nagombe" over and over again.  These spells he undertakes are getting shorter and shorter, thank goodness.

We feel lucky.  We seem to have a good natured and intact soul in our little JerJer.

Safe recklessness

Newest Mini-Man

While Alexi off skiing with one of his favorite blondes, Rolf n Andi's Talia, me and the Jer-Bear got out for some quality bonding time. Aunt Miluka joined us for a lil stroll in Millcreek.

Here we are taking a "yumyums" break. Half way up the mountain. Just after the pic the glucose took hold. Lil Bear made it over a mile down the trail all by himself!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Normal and Liking It!

People have been asking and the answer is one word:


Nice to be able to say after the Malarial Malady.  Both kids are adjusting fine to each other.  Little Jer is just starting to use english words.  And we understand a few of his (or at least we think we do).

suba = need to pee

supa = I need to do the other thing

mayi = Can I pretty please have a glass of water please

Buna! = give me some bread, NOW!

papa =  (yep you know that one already)

mama  = (another universal one that you might be able to guess right)

So normal is what it is.... and normal, it is good.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Getting the normal on

Nice to get back on being a kid.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ndenge ngai yeba te kanisa

(HEY, are you listening?)

I said "Ndenge ngai yeba te kanisa".  (What you dont understand?)  I said ....."Ndenge ngai yeba te kanisa!!!!"  (what, dont you get it, you dont understand what I am saying?)....I said, "ngai te kanisa...NAGI KOLINGA YEBA!

One can only barely imagine what this must be like. In the precious mind of a 3 (or is it 3+) year old, and you have no idea what anyone is talking about.  

You only know that there is a mean farenge with her ugly 10 gage needle pointing at your prescious skin, she want to steal your soul again.... and again and again.

The ones they told you who would be your Mama and Papa. Who would be "nalingi bino" for you, now and forever.  They help the monsters in yellow, hold you down,  repeatedly remove part of your soul.

Blood draws. These were rough times, people.

"te te te te te....   te te te te." said with a clicking/spitting sound ("te" = no).  All we could do is try to speak in soothing tones and use "shush, shush, shush" - a rather universal soother.... of sorts.

It is hard to decide which is better.  Seeing the near incapacitated combativeness of a feverish child in obvious misery as a opportunistic infection ravages his body.  Or to have a fully conscious, nearly cured boy, who feels nothing but contempt and anger at the sharp, unjust pain he is repeated given.

I know it is for his own good, and perhaps he would have died without it, ....but man, these have not been easy times. 

Lest just say we have good news that things look very promising for Jerimie's release from captivity tomorrow.  Then it will be the long process of trying to find ways to repair the damaged psyche of a kid who now has had his Attachement Disorder level reset way back past zero.

Keep up those wonderful positive thoughts, friends.  It will give us strength for the hard work ahead.

Ray of hope

Fever down, last IV blown. Jeremie not taking nasty oral meds that well. Earlier today was entertaining thoughts that only occur when you are feeling helpless, a bit desperate, and exhausted. almost impossible to make someone do something they don't want to.. Especially when they can't possibly understand what is happening

A small miracle tonight.. After heavy negotiations, we come to an understanding. You can play in the water and squirt water everywhere IF you swallow the Nasty yuck yuck in chocolate sauce Yep, down and dirty bartering (topped with a fair amount of begging in French)

Held my breath, as the last medication attempt earlier in the day had ended with him looking scornfully at his spiked croissant and chucking it right back at me. Probably thinking "oh great! Now you are poisoning my food!!"

Well, happy to report jeremie enjoyed squirting water everywhere!

is that a light at the end of a tunnel??..allowing ourselves some cautious hope

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rough waters subsiding

It was quite the vicious day today. Christy was at her wits end.

Mystery of no detectable parasite load yet multiple spiking fevers. Jer grew quite combative at times. But now sleeping peacefully. May have been an advantageous secondary infection that is now hopefully in control.

Please, Tomorrow, would stop this ugly nightmare and let my boy be a normal kid again.


I knew it was going to smoothly.

Christy called this morning to inform me Jerimie got another fever episode. He is burning up and moaning under a load of Ativan. More meds will soon be flowing through his veins soon as the battle rages on.

Quite maddening as to what is going on. Is it reemergence as resistant malaria? Or is something else in background.

More vicious blood draws were done. Time now will tell. Get back on those positive thoughts people, we need them.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A decisive victory!

Text transmission from Chrisy has me jumping for joy.

"Parasite load < 1%.
Plan move to floor,
Today! Moving from
IV to oral meds."

JerJer is kickin it and lickin it!   You go, tough guy!

Now this is more like it!

He is doing so much better. Yeahoo!

It was Papa's turn on the vigil last night.  Before this vid, the little guy was helping the examining doc place the pressure cuff and showing them where to put the stethoscope.  He is taking charge now.

A very touching and bonding moment for me occurred before this video.  I came in to give a "kissy" on the forehead.  He reached up as if to block me.

I was worried that this was a repeat of the past few days.  He hated blood draws.  He would not look anyone in the eye for hours after these insults.  He would push people away.  Angry and insular.

So, on my "kissy" I though I was about to receive one of these rejections.  But he was looking me in the eye.  I stopped. My face a few inches from his face. 

With his hand, he started gently stroking my beard.  He started saying soft and gentle words in Lingala.  And he repeatedly glanced from my eyes to the beard and back again.  Then he said the jewel-like word.     ....."Papa!"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sigh of relief

Thanks to all for your kind words and thoughts, much appreciated!! Some great news tonight, the meds are starting to do their thing. Parasite load is dropping! Yeah! 5%. Ka Pow, take that you nasty little parasite. 

Little guy more perky today. While Momma went home and passed out for a few hours, Daddy stayed with Jeremie and taught him how to channel surf, a must know for any male. Pictured below, Jeremie hitting his head with the remote, setting off the nurse call button over and over, he he he.....

Chris stands at the back of the room to cancel the call, both of us enjoying the simple pleasure that he is actually smiling and happy.

Good thing they make 'em tough in Africa...

Hospital blues n dirty socks

In the midst of another cycle of release but much less severe than Friday night. Meds on board must be doing their good work.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What the F?

F is for falciparium.  I can also think of another word too, but it is not fit to print here.

Well, ...he is in good hands.  This variant is also considered easy to treat.  Hopefully the can prophylactically treat him to ease the next bout of fever due in about 10 hrs from now.

 Plasmodiums are a nasty little parasite.

Positive thoughts needed people!

Yikes!  Off the charts paracitemia load. ranking is 20%,  Jerimie will be immediately admitted to ICU at Primary Children Medical Center.  Still trying to understand what this means.  Doctors also unsure.  This text message content from Christy gave me a start:

"Its 20%, bummer, icu needed,
way bummer, calling CDC cuz
high levels, Tripple Bummer!"

As soon as Alexi wakes up, we will go join Christy for some hospital vigil time.

Please think positive thoughts for us.  Need that energy channeled into this precious little guy.

It has been only 8 days, but I am already way attached to him.  So keep up the positive thoughts!

malarial saga continues

Had to take Alexi home because he was completely Cooked!

 "Cooked" is wiffy euphemism for when the little ones in serious need of a little nappy time.

Last night had been a long one.  Christy and I taking turns soothing Jeremie as he writhed in pain in his bed.  Alexi inevitably being kept up all night wondering at the novelty of what was going on. Then off to the ED in the morning because we knew this sounded like Malaria and the fever oscillations were likely to get worse.   ...Well, after 5 hrs all morning in a "boring" little room Primary Children's ED, Alexi needed to get taken home for a well deserved afternoon nap.

Blood draws are positive for Malaria. Now the waiting time for a test to tell us his parasitemia rate.  If our little Jerr exceeds a 5% parisitemia rate, then he has to stay in intensive care for at least 3 days to get the meds via IV.   A few more hours needed now before that decision is made.  We hope for under 5% score and that he can keep the nasty oral med down, because if not, were going to be spending a lot of time next week up at Primary Children's.

Not to much alarm needed with you all.  This has good prognosis for rapid recovery. But it is quite tough to see the little guy suffer so.  Hope for fast recovery for him.

Malaria sucks

Poor little dude, another night of fevers, vomiting and feeling bad. Looks like he has malaria, no fun...

Fever down now, even perked up enough to drink and eat.

Hoping he will be able to go home soon

Friday, February 3, 2012

Whoa, what is this thing?

Standard equipment for a future life in the Wasatch!!