Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Lookie mom...."

"It's our Christmas tree we made!"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Trick and Treats

Jeremie's first ever Halloween. Momma working overtime to answer the important items...

Pumpkins: fruit or foe?
What are Zombies and how fast can they really move?
Why DO Vampires Vant to Suck your blood? BUT WHY?
How many costumes can you actually wear at one time?
What is up with this Trick or Treat thing anyway? Doesn't candy make your teeth fall out? (why yes it does..that is why momma will help you take care of all that nasty candy, especially the chocolate...)
IF all of your teeth fall out because you ate too much candy..will the tooth fairy still come?

OK, yes, so maybe I overdid the candy brainwashing thing..what's a parent to do? Cut me some slack...

PUG flash: Pugs prep for festivities. Pug pride is alive and well..and yes, this is why I chose pugs over the traditional "real" dog. What's not to love? Who doesn't love to dress up their furry microganthic, overbitte friends.... yep, it's true. Labs just can't pull this look off. Sorry, Lab Lovers! Evolutionarily-Challenged Overbred Mutts RULE!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fantabulous Fall

Fall fun, endless days of costume wearing and leaf jumping, and yes, endless amounts of leaves as well.

The boyz show off their scary costumes

Alemayehu and Max: superhero extraordinares

Super Scary Tree 

Hey, has anyone seen the great pumpkin? 

Yee Haw. Of the many superhero powers that Batman must have, pink plastic calf roping is one of the more important...

On top of the world, at least the world of hay..

Big bubble bouncing

What's a fall festival without a bit of pig racing? 

It was a tough job being the only kids at the amusement park, but someone had to do it. Just one of the perks of a Sunday morning in SLC....

All good things must come to end sometime, luckily it just means more fun just doing something else...

...but don't worry, I'm sure batman will be back next year!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exploring the new trail above mount Olympus

Boys getting a little tired as we head back

Saturday, October 13, 2012

White Rim

Wow, what an amazing and beautiful place...

My heart only stopped a few times on the trip....something about the precious cargo I guess...

The Ladies

Taliaha, like her mother, craves speed and adventure...No officer, of course not... I would never let a minor drive a truck across the endless desert.. Alexi, on the other hand,  prefers to make fang faces at his unsuspecting prey

This one is for you Aunt Miluka.. come back soon!

Watch out John Bonham....instilling some LZ early on! Something makes me suspect he will be a heartbreaker....

Not to brag, but here it goes: Check out my boy ROCK'N the boots. YEAH! and no, they did not come off for three days. Luckily it is dry, real dry, in the desert... so foot rot did not take hold..

Alexi Powering up the hill. NICE! Yep, got about 4 years before he is leaving me in the dust...

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Mighty Main Salmon 2012

Idaho was on fire this year, but still beautiful in it's own smokey way. Jer's second trip on the water, not so sure about the rapids until we started karate chopp'n them. 

Bathing Beauty

Ahh, the joys of sand

Side note: our little pookey...not doing so hot, conversations that this will probably be his last trip. Noticed that he had lost the hair on his tail..hmm. Cold all the time (yes... this is pooky trying to warm up in a hot spring), seemed depressed. moaned a lot, had to loosen up the straps on his life jacket...yep, turns out the ole' thyroid had stopped doing it's thing. The good news. Sythroid...he is a new dog. Spunky, slim, and back in action..Maybe I should try some of that stuff...

Training the new recruits.

Another crappy day in paradise

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sister's new Horse

Sister got herself an new horse... seen here practicing some barrels. Sister makes this look easy. One gallop on the new horsey and I couldn't turn my neck or bend over for about a week!

The kids take a spin

What summer is complete without a trip to the local fair...
if the caramel apples, cotton candy and hot dogs don't make your stomach churn, try this:

Samurai Warriors Unleashed at Carnival out!

Pretty in Pink

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Missing Miluka :(...

Where is our Miluka? Where could she be? What is life without thee?

Alexi's friend staying overnight tomorrow... so was making him guess who it was...

"Hey, guess who is coming over tomorrow to play?" Alexi's face lights up and he shouts:

"MILUKA! MILUKA!?" Unfortunately not until Christmas... seems like a long way away...


Pictured below: the boyz showing off their garb from P-town compliments of aunt Miluka..

Jer screamed: PEACE BROTHER!! his nickname for any necklace with a peace sign in it...

Pictured Below: Jer rings his Miluka...

Meanwhile Alemayehu performs his "missing Miluka" interpretive dance sequence. Paint job compliments of T-bone and Marley

Friday, August 24, 2012

Visit from Gpa Tim and Gma Sharon

Don't try this at home...

or this...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

Family Reunion 2012-Jackson Hole

Good to see the gang again! Tetons in the background

Jenny Lake

Gma Judy and the gang

Momma's munchkins

The boyz take hold of their water blaster rocket squirters

Our sweet Jeremie putting flowers in Santanna's hair

A rare moment of downtime

Hang time

Jeremie looking too cool

A close up of Mr. and Mrs. Moose


Ole' Faithful

Daddy n' the gang

Last day at the lake