Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cooked banana!

Boys made me up some banana pie. Thanks grandma Lin for the fun toy.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Miluka's Bday Hike

 Kiddie entourage for the first part of the hike...a hike as part of Miluka's farewell as we see her off to Boston for her MPH program and celebrate her Bday as well!

 a few of the city below

 Miluka and the Boyz
Daddy with the munchkins soon before the kiddie patrol headed back, and the rest of the gang went on with the goal to make it to the top of Lone Peak.

Back at home, the kids cool off with a little child hucking...

Down South

Looking into Coyote Gulch from the top

Heading down the steep trail to Coyote Gulch

First look at a huge arch

 Washing the piggies off in the cool water

An afternoon cruise to "hole in the wall", famous for the Morman pioneers who took wagons/ horses along this route..craziness...

"In 1878 the leaders of their church decided to establish a new colony in a remote area to the east of the Colorado River, in what is now the Four Corners Area. They would travel through the relatively benign terrain near the Escalante River, starting at the head of Fortymile Gulch, find a way to cross the Colorado River, and then negotiate the mesas and canyons on the other side. They eventually ended up founding the community of Bluff. (seemed like a good idea at the time....)

On January 26, 1880, began their descent to the river through hole in the wall. People and livestock climbed down the crevice, and wagons were lowered by a system of ropes. A wooden trackway near the bottom provided access around a gulch filled with boulders. A wooden ferry was built at the river by Charles Hall, and was used to cross the river. Despite the perilous nature of this route, all of the expedition made the descent (a third of it on the first day).

 The journey planned for six weeks had instead taken six months. No lives were lost, and two children were born."

And to think I complained about the drive out to see it, obviously I would have never made it as a pioneer....

 Hang'n out look'n cool

 Alexi looking into a huge pothole on top of a sandstone blob

 Lots of good hideouts for the boyz

Alemayehu and Jeremie practice their Avengers arrow shooting techniques

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show Girls

T-bone and Santanna

Girls had a chance to show off all their hard work during horse camp

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alemayehu's 5th Bday

Gosh, where does time go anyway??

Mad Scientist Party: what kid doesn't like to blow stuff up?

The main man getting drenched

Air Hockey with children