Monday, July 21, 2014

Family Reunion(s) 2014

Colorado Springs- Willie Reunion

Gma n' Lex overlooking Garden of the Gods


Davis Family

Some shots from Garden of the Gods

Uncle Scott

Kids Only!


Z Kids

Brown Family

Davis Family

On to Cripple Creek

If I spring a leak, she'll fix me--it's OK to sing along

There it is--'Cripple Creek'

Buddy, just get used to it...

Appearance from Ninja Man...

Just before the dynamic duo descend upon Gma Lin's house

Rob cook'n up some yum yum


The Gang

Send Off

Princess Lea gets set for the road trip back home

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Fun!

Kids Rip it up on MidMtn Trail

Rolf leads the way

One last snow slide before summer takes over

Jer and Sid rip it up at Cowbunga

Boys sport their go-USA world cup shirts, compliments of Aunt Kim and Uncle Ed

Whoa-easy now..

While the Daddy is away the pugs will...sleep on his pillow? They did play a little bit first before collapsing into a snoring fuzzy ball of pugness...



Milk'n  Time

Happy Cowboy

Mysterious Duo

Mr. Moose Man July 4th PC bike ride-Wasatch Crest to PC downhill