Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day 2013

Solomen Admires the Turkey Day Spread, whilst calculating the odds of making out of the doggie door before getting caught….

Andie patiently explains how to light the menorah without burning down her house. Just so happens it was a two for one. Hanukkah and Turkey Day… won't happen again for another 70K years...

Alemayehu narrowly misses igniting the flower arrangement

There is a Hanukkah song that goes along with this, but if you don't know it, you could always sing:
Burn Baby Burn, it's on Fire. Not as spiritual, but hey, for the heathens like me, it does in a pinch.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Back to the Ole Grind

Well, yes that grind too, but also got some new snow to grind on as well!
With a few days to absorb the whole Disney World thing, Alemayehu summed it up by asking "when are we moving to Florida?"

"Pucker Up"

First Ski Day of the Year!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Last Day in Kiddie Paradise

What better way to end an action packed week than at GatorLand. Oh Yeah! 

Into the jaws of death

It's a tough life here for the gators. So much sun, so little time…


Oh, so this is how they have to earn their keep….a little gator torture time… 

Boris the Tortoise

On to our feathered friends

Bird Brain

Up Close and Personal

Need a Bird Shoe Shine??

Go Figure, and albino gator…apparently too cranky to hang out with the rest of the gators…

Alemayehu demonstrates how to properly feed your pet gator…

Or you can try this….

Or this… gator, gator

Pictured here is the option for only the most stout of Florida Redneck's! This explained why the feeders where locked into a cable...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


All rested up and ready to go again! Left Momma behind to go and check out Shamu and friends at SeaWorld. 

Flaunting Flamingos

It's the Shamu Show!

Ahhh, look at all the cute little Orcas…guess that's why they call it the "splash zone"

Boys comment on sitting in the "Splash Zone"

Jer snuggling with his fuzzy porpoise

Dolphin doll hard at work on his cursive prep

Monday, November 18, 2013

Day off from Disney

Time to cool down: Boys take a day off to kick back

Hang'n at the pool

Super slider

New use for the putting range

Day 3: The Adventure Continues

Ending with a bang, the gang spends the last day at Hollywood Studios where the boyz learned how be become Jedi's, and make movies

Posing with Miss Piggy

Meet Up with Mater and Lightening McQueen!

Alexi recovering from the Star Wars ride, of which, he was not a fan…

Close up view of the Darth the dude from the Dark Side

How to fight bad guys on film

Don't try this at home!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Disney: Day 2

Day 2: Off to the Animal Kingdom

Check'n out the tree house

Meet up with Tigger

Dino Land!

The Raging River of Nepal

Storm Mountain and Meet Up with the Great Yeti

This show is for the birds!

The Tree of Life

Congolese Street Band

Jer digg'n the groove

Off to the Safari- no fake animals on this ride!

Gorilla Poser Shot-Hey, throw me a banana or something!

Mickey's Parade to round out the Day!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Disney What?

Disney World! Yep, had a conference about 4 miles away from that place where dreams really do come true. Daddy and I hadn't said a word, wanted it to be a surprise. Boys just thought, school, and we get to play in a pool, that works. We pull into Disney World at around Midnight...not much excitement from the crowd?? Daddy and I realize that the boys actually have nothing to base the awesomeness of this moment on. The whole thing was a bit abstract...

It started to sink in the first day…first stop the race track. Light on the lines, so boys did laps honing their race car driving skills.

Watch out for this one, he has road rage tendencies!!

The boyz after raging around the track

Next stop: Buzz Lightyear? Really!! Followed by blasting things with laser ray guns. Yep, did a few laps on this ride too.

Crazy Juggling Clown

"It's a Small World"

On to the Safari Float

Jer takes the ship through dangerous jungle waters

Family of elephants along the way


Parting shot of the Magic Kingdom

Ahhh, and the moment they were waiting for all day…the moment they get to pick up their TOYS!! Hardest decision for the day (besides what to do next) was what toy to pick out? The options were endless, only one lucky toy for one lucky boy each day...lest we would have had to take out a second loan on the pad back home!!

View from the Room

Boyz show off their prize toys. First day report was in: Disney World Rocks!