Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Lookie mom...."

"It's our Christmas tree we made!"

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween Trick and Treats

Jeremie's first ever Halloween. Momma working overtime to answer the important items...

Pumpkins: fruit or foe?
What are Zombies and how fast can they really move?
Why DO Vampires Vant to Suck your blood? BUT WHY?
How many costumes can you actually wear at one time?
What is up with this Trick or Treat thing anyway? Doesn't candy make your teeth fall out? (why yes it does..that is why momma will help you take care of all that nasty candy, especially the chocolate...)
IF all of your teeth fall out because you ate too much candy..will the tooth fairy still come?

OK, yes, so maybe I overdid the candy brainwashing thing..what's a parent to do? Cut me some slack...

PUG flash: Pugs prep for festivities. Pug pride is alive and well..and yes, this is why I chose pugs over the traditional "real" dog. What's not to love? Who doesn't love to dress up their furry microganthic, overbitte friends.... yep, it's true. Labs just can't pull this look off. Sorry, Lab Lovers! Evolutionarily-Challenged Overbred Mutts RULE!