Saturday, March 28, 2009

A cold day in red

On the last day of our National Parks tour we took in Bryce Canyon National Park.

A cold front was well on its way in as we set up to stomp down into the canyon. We bundled our buggy up in lots of warmies and set of down the trail.

Down in, it started to snow.
This made for eerie contrast that was most pronounced the reds of Wallstreet.

Bug boy, mean time, oblivious to the surrounding, is snoring away under his bundle.

Alien landscape materialized in the mist as a pair of natural bridges confront us.

Cold but gleefully happy, Wiffy and Her momma, stop for a pic with furious snow pounding down around us.

Then there starts a peep from the package.As we near the end of our hike as we near the top the Package set to groaning. Alexi is awakening from his cozy slumber, then we give him a peak of the strange surroundings.
Two words from his mouth:

"oooh" ......then "Ba-ba."

We hustle back to the warmth of the car for food and the elusive, but high in demand, bottle of milk.

Zion trails and cool water

The trails are amazing in Zion National park. They are even-graded, cement-lined up steep rock faces.

One has to marvel. at the feat of engineering and hard work it must have taken to lay them in.
The view from the tops are the reward. up canyon complexity....

and down cayon majesty. Well worth the hike.

Alexi was not so impressed as Grandma with the view, for he had other interests.

One of his favorites is water.
He loves Fairmont pool back in Salt Lake. And here he retains his fascination with the clear, cool water.

And another one of his loves. Here he walks along, hand in hand, with his sexy momma.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

alexi in zion

We went to Zion National Park last weekend.Alexi was just not sure what to make of the big walls and waterfalls.

Christy's mom joined us for the fun.

And she tried to get Alexi to pose for picture.

But all he wanted to do was throw rocks in the water.

And run.
And run and run and run.
Oh my, what a busy little man he is becoming.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New impediment to fun

Alexi not liking the new plexiglass barrier to our treacherous stairs. But hey, we got to keep the little guy safe.

Our little guy has reach that terrifying stage of the Super Climber. Staying on solid ground is no longer quite as exciting as it used to be, so now he climbs. All over the couch, all over the dogs and us. Now, he has figured out that climbing over the wooden gate I custom installed is good sporting fun. But he still can be quite awkward and falls allot.

Well, it was time to "raise-the-bar" so to speak.

Instead of making something with good hand holds that allow him to climb higher, I decided to experiment with a tall surround of plexiglass. ...This should keep him from danger. ...well, at least minimize one possibility.

My little runner

It has become terrifying how fast he is getting. ....and how fast he gets
himself into trouble.

Alexi now takes himself for walks

Monday, March 9, 2009

Two for one

Puggies hanging in warm seat after alexi dropped of at daycare.