Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green River Float

Gearing up for the mighty green river fishy float. New sailor, Bodie, ensures the binky doesn't get left behind.

Alexi scouts for the 'big one'. Given the high density of trout on the upper section of the Green, this was a busy job.

Bodie takes in the sights..

Aster snoozes in the warm sun..

Bodie got the coolest cat award for the trip.

Hang'n out before chow time

Always enough time for some monkey business!

Final day with the kiddy crew leading the way..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fishing for goodies

Alex trying to hook a big one at Asters birthday party.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Texas Time

The big guy rounds out July with Nana and Gpa yaya..who just happen to live right by the water...I am not sure how they actually found this place, but if you like to fish, and you like to wind surf, well, I am not sure there is a better place to land...

Luckily, no oil blobs from the big BP spill had made it to the Laguna Madre...so it was time to swim,

time to play with the "ROCKET" (yaya's water assist device),

time to huck your meat into the water,

time to hang with Patches the Chihuahua,

time to hang with the guys,

and of course, time to hang with Gma Nana

Willie Family Reunion

The magical thing about going to Gma Judy's and Gpa Bill's house, is that miracles really do come true, especially if you are obsessed with motorized vehicles like 4-wheelers (otherwise named wawa's for the sound they make...)

Alexi can't believe it's true, all the books he has read, the pictures he has studied, all his hard work has lead up to this very moment, the moment of truth...

The moment where when momma realizes that there is not enough hair dye in the world for her to make it to Alexi's 30th Bday...the moment momma realizes it's a loosing battle, the little man loves his motorized crafts.

After 'playing' on the instrument of evil, the little man figured out the 3 step process of how to turn it on, all by himself...no joke. It took momma longer to figure out how to get the darn thing started. Luckily, little man's legs weren't long enough to kick it into gear (at least until next year....)

there was only one thing to do...find the biggest helmet known to man

and then, it's off to the races sport's fans...

This experience could only be topped by...well it really couldn't, but riding the horse was fun too...
But first, a pat on the head for the farm dogs

This was really Santana's Day, the day of the Horse...

Her mom's theory, better for her beautiful daughter to fall in love with horses, then men. Hey, it's worth a try...

Gpa Bill rounds up the troops,

and off they go...Santana loving every moment

Alexi takes a turn..

Mt Hood from Gma Judy and Gpa Bills front porch.

And finally, the family reunion. Aunts, uncles and cousins...and of course fuzz bucket, mom's (and Bill's) dog.

Alexi's second desso trip

In what is now appearing to be an annual trip, Alexi floated his second Desolation Canyon River Trip. Wiffy absent due to necessity of her job, I too the opportunity to join my friends and fellow river rats for some r and r on the river. It was hot. Lots of fun was had squirting the other boat with water.

River monsters were always lurking in the water.

"Arg-arg-arr, where's my little children to eat!"

These were scary creatures to avoid.

Screaming, giggling, and poking-out-the-tongue was the best defense.

Then there were serene quite moments.
Andi relaxing with daughter Tallia at the oars.

But-tired babes sleeping, left time to admire bold beautiful buttes.

Barry and Lisa enjoy the same quite time with their bundle of joy Mia swaddled on the main deck.

But Alexi was not much of a sleeper. He was always jumping on the oars. Even when he was not supposed too. "Look Ma, no adults!" as he works the boat away from the shore.

But how can you get mad a such a cute little bug?

Little charmer did his best practice marriage dance, as he ran around the girls 10 times, sometimes running forward and sometimes prancing sideways.

Was Tallia not too sure of this display?

Mia might have been pleased.

Did Alexi's charms do their work?

"Wew, girls are hard work!" as he warms my stout to an appropriately drinkable temp.

Mia had her own way of cooling off by eating big habanero-looking peppers.

Tallia likes it hot too, buy playing with the sizzling sparklers.

Hot fun requires hamburger cooldown. And perhaps a Chocky Milk or two.

Some times other types of hot would happen as occasionally there was not enough oars to go around.

So while the girls were getting some cool down spa time......

.....Alexi would be manning the oars.

"Wew, this oaring is hard work"

See you on the river next year!