Friday, January 18, 2013

The J-man's Big Bday Bash

Let the Party Continue... Yep, it's Jeremie's Bday!! As if Xmas didn't bring enough toys, Jer lost another front tooth and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy, followed shortly by his Big Bday Bash!!

Jer showing off his missing teeth...Luckily you can still eat cupcakes even without front incisors....

Boys getting all sugared up...

The Party Crew

Frosty the Cupcake Snowman, shortly before he was devoured

Some safe fun?

What better way to burn off the sugar high, then some sledding!! Yes, it was a party until you fall over kinda day...

Team Sled-a-Thon (pic compliments of Auntie M)

Alemayehu chucks his meat

Triple Decker

A beautiful view to end a great day!

Check'n Out the Goods 

New Year's Freak Show

Warming up for the NY's Eve Freak Show

Hmmm, better as a blonde or redneck? 

The Blonde Bat?

Miluka, looking a bit like she's been to Kentucky before...

Disco Duo poses at the pre-party

Chris brings his 'buddy' that he met at the pride march...

Disco Divas (compliments of Aunt M)

Jer showing off his moves, a disco warm up

Disco Dancing! Watch out John Travolta!

Crazy Christmas

Christmas Program at School 

Hard to see Jeremie, but he is tucked in the right back corner, below Lex singing it up

Jeremie's first Xmas. Very excited, (and a bit nervous) and we spent many moments explaining the finer points of Santa and Xmas to Jeremie: who is Santa? Why does he live in the North Pole? How do reindeers actually fly? How does he get all the toys in his sleigh? What kind of cookies does he like? and so forth and so on, and on, and on....

In the end, he decided that, OK, some plump guy in a red suit flies around in a sleigh and comes down our chimney and then leaves us a toy. Why not? Can't be any weirder that that Halloween thing! Right? 

Above, Alemayehu's letter to Santa. We read it so we could also "advise" Santa, thought we had it all dialed in. Ninja's and Power Rangers, no problem. 

Well, leave it to the boys to throw in a curve ball, or two...
"No mamma, not ninja's...ninjaogos, like Oscar's"...and Jeremie wanted a Skylander??!@& What the heck? Resorted to Google, but still not clear what these mysterious toys were. Out of desperation, daddy shows pictures of various possibilities to the boys to see if we could get a positive 'hit'.  

A late night "meet up" with Santa, and all was set.

Jeremie's first glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Making Xmas even better, the boys got to spend some time with GMa Judy, Gpa Bill (not pictured here, b/c hopefully they were still sleeping...) and of course Aunt Miluka, just returned from her post-graduate studies in Boston for Christmas Break. The boys favorite thing to do was to go down each morning and wake up Aunt Miluka. The record was a blurry 4am... which in the Miluka time scale might mean just be getting to bed! (pic compliments of Aunt M)

Finally, the day...more accurately the pre-dawn arrives. Yawn..

Warrior's show off their wares 

What the heck was Santa thinking? 

If you stare long enough at your power ranger, you will eventually become a power ranger, right?

Ironman shirt from Gma Linda and Gpa Rob

Snowball chuckers, NICE

Daddy showing off his new attire..(pic compliments of Aunt M)

A Christmas ski with Aunt Miluka
Alemayehu came home and told me he had lost his Miluka in the trees. He had taken her on a powder run, he called and called but could not find her. She luckily emerged from the trees a few minutes later after winning the battle over the powder wallow monster that had dragged her down. Couldn't help to think that it wouldn't be long 'till he was going to be leaving his mama in the dust too!

Lead up to the Festivities

A quick trip to Snow Canyon, down south.

Jeremie showing off his claws

Boys standing at the mouth of a lava tube

Jer lining it up

Don't let this one fool you...just look at the score below..

 A trip to the bouncy house to escape the haze outside