Thursday, September 10, 2009

the main salmon to Kamiah

A few weeks back we took the long family vacation. One week floating down the main salmon, then the next week hanging with Christy's sister's family, and then a few days at the Targee bluegrass festival.

The float was a beauty.At times the temps were down right chilly.

But there were plenty of warm times.
Here we have Alexi on one of the warmer days working on perfecting his westerner stance.

And generally looking cute in what ever hat he was in.

"Attention lieutenant Louie! Now I want you to tell that sailor momma she needs to keep her eyes sharp out there on point. Because these here nautical charts indicate there are big SCARRY sea monsters in this vicinity."

" Now common private pappa, you can tell me where you hid my magic juicebox. We wont have to tell anyone, well just keep it between you and me. Just tell me where it is and everything will be just fine, and I wont have to pull this here rip cord and release your life vest."

Life vest were important to have, because the water did get a little exciting from time to time.

"Now listen here pardner, this is my mining claim. I build the sand castles around here. Go build yours over there."

"Hey, well, gonna build them for me? So I can smash them down? Now I think we have a budding partner ship here. ....Make me a sand castle!"

"Yea, weez gett'n da freek on now!"

"Oh yea Daddy-O, a four way arm wresting match. Who is gonna win?"

Dancing with the Stars.

Girl gone cat fishin'

Louie escaping the maw of the Alligator.

But it was not all fun and games.

Cores must be done.
Dishes to be put away.

buckets of water to fill.

After that is done, then we can relax and work on looking cute.

After the river trip, we spent some time with Chad and Santana at the river side beach near their house.

Here we found one way to keep those kids from mischief.
buried to their necks in the sand!

It was a blast to enjoying an air blast from the raft pump air blaster.

Well it got just down right tiring.
It became time for a well deserved nappy in the back seat of "daddy's white truck."

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Sean said...

Great pics. I love the shots of Alexi and his various hats.