Sunday, November 9, 2008

Terracotta Army of Mischief

Just dropped Christy and her mom, Judy, at the airport. As part of a national medical ambassador program, she and her fellow doctors are going over to China for a cultural exchange of medical information. Her itinerary is Hong Kong, Bejing, Shanghi, and a stop in the interior at Xi'an where the terracotta army was found. This is the clay army of 8000 that the first emperor had burried with him when he died. Guess he was being a nice guy, bucking the tradition of having all his army, women, and slaves to be buried with him when he kicked the bucket.

With the many cultural trips planed, it sound like a once in a lifetime opportunity for Christy and her Mom. I am jealous and I gave some serious thought to going, but traveling with Alexi at 16 months on a 15 hrs flight was just too intimidating. I like to think of their trip as a reconnaissance mission. Go get a taste of what interesting things travel to China can offer us in the future.

To test the travel waters with Alexi, I have scheduled a get-out-of-town while Christy is gone. I head of to the Texas gulf coast for a week to visit my dad in his second home at "The Port." Papa, the avid (or is it rabbid) windsurfer, got himself a waterfront property on the Lagona Madre outside of Port Mansfield. He and Sharron head down to the gulf regularly. Fishing (Sharron's passion now rubbing off on Papa) and windsurfing (crazy Papa only), are two very fine activities down there.

To join them in two days will require a 3 hr flight to Houston then 1 hr to Harlingen. I am a bit fearful/dreadful towards this travel. Alexi is an active little spazz, but he does not comprehend self restraint. Keeping him happy and out of mischief is likely to be a difficult/impossible task.

I hope my fellow passengers will be understanding.

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