Monday, December 22, 2008

Chillin at G-momma's

"Oh I dont feel so good."

Theo is suffering from a bit of a bender at my Mom's Christmas party at their house in Denver, a.k.a., Crab Shack Studios. This is a gathering of their music lover friends. Lots of food, libations, and a merriment of music were served, so who knows what theo might have gotten into that night.
Alexi had a good time too. Here he is with G-ma Lin. Who took time out from a blur of activity to stay in focus for a moment for a photo. Alexi on the other hand was too enthrawled and incapable of sitting still with all the music going on.
And of course the big hit for him was watching and distracting G-maw from squeezing it, all night long.

Louie on the other hand, was less than enamored with what he considered just a bunch of noise in between tasty treats falling from platters and plates.

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