Friday, December 12, 2008

Hm, I look good.

boy has become the hat man.
One of his new found favorites is the china merchant hat.

Also a new found interest in seeing himself in the mirror.
Boy's got himself some other hats. The Andy one, a crabby-dongle thing that glows with is face. And the Moose one, with antler horns. That one is the chick magnet for him.

Took him for sushi at Takashi's tonight. As usually, he was mostly all good behavior. Hardly a raised voice. A bit of rice thrown on the ground. Some fondling the neighbors. But mostly he was a delight.

We had to eat fast because we only had 30 min to Pumkin Time. Like the Cinderela story, he is pretty much clockwork now. At the end of the evening, the clock turns to 7:30, and he undergoes a conversion. Mind you, we did not know from watching the clock that this was the time, but rather from the switch in the Doodles attitude. Booger brains turns from the giggly happy boy to temper cranky boy right at 7:30. Eye rub and whiny mumble, yes it is time to get out of the restaurant and get him home.

Back at the house, the key words are spoken "Oh, somebody looks tired. Its time to go night-night." That triggers a Pavlovian response, and Alexi's eyes glaze over. A quick round of kissy-good-night and it is off to bed.

How did we get so lucky????

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