Monday, December 31, 2007

foothill turns

"He boy in the box. Yea, you in the box. .....what are you doing?"
"Dont be confined to the box. Living a life in the box is....well, confining."
"Think outside the box! ......How about another ski trip?"
"eyey ooo ha ga" ("Yes, dady, yes. take me on another ski trip!")

We started out with leasure. Alexi saying "goo goo, ga ga" which Louie told us means "wow look at all the scenery, and look at all that snow."

Alex said "ger phthhhh eiiy" (trans: "go higher dady").

"eyei eyphth ooh eiiy" ("more, up more, dady")

"oh ga kerr kerr hehe" ("go all the way to the top")

finally we get there. And there was much rejoicing.

"eiiy do do gof da ga ga?" ("dady, who is the freak in the puff dady jacket?").

"Oh well son, thats my buddy J from foothillfreak fame. You should check his website out some time. ....And quit laughing at my get up, get over it will ya!"

"oooh ya wawa waga, gee ga ga ga go" ("take me down the hill, and get me some turns!")
"haah ha da eiiyo, da gou" ("thats it dadyo, get some")

"WAH WAH WAH" ("OK, thats enough! I am getting HUNGRY, take me down now Mommy and give me my bottle of the good stuff, NOW!!"

"Wow Louie, look at em go."

"and they didnt even check out the view."

"I mean, look at that view, theres the city!" "Its in our backyard!"

"and our turns, did I forget to mention our turns"

"eeth to te eiiy go da ga" ("yea, and like I did turns like this ... and like that....")

"Hm, the nerve of some people"

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