Monday, December 3, 2007

one day to go

Tomorrow we fly. 30 hrs travel time to Addis Abba. A mysterious journey. A far off land. A child in waiting. .....So, while waiting, I went skiing yesterday. First good snow to such a late-start season. Two feet of fresh, it just needed to be skied.

Poor Wiffy, too busy putting out fires at work before our week long trip, she was unable to go. But good hearted me, I decided to go skiing for both of us. And I dedicated every other set of tracks to her (see photo), plus a few for Ali too.I do enjoy a day of hard work. My back sore and my legs are aching, we pumped 6 runs on this slope. Then a magical scene occurred.

Near the end of the day, as the sun sunk behind the ridge, my buddy J (see his blog) and I were approaching the top of our last run. We were rewarded with an astral spectacle. The wind started to howl. And the cold air took on a embittered edge. Mystical spin-drifts appeared mysteriouly in the sky. Swirling on the on the edge of ridges, all arround us, we were hypnotized by the eerie dancing of snow feries (see video).

Like spirits ....apparitions in the sky, they dance and pirouetted. foreboding of mystery. Wonderful, spooky, mesmerizing.

Spellbound, my thoughts went to my upcoming trip.

Who is this child that will soon be mine?

What will he be like? And how will he grow up?

Will I be an adequate father?

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